NPG Black Cardamom Pods
NPG Black Cardamom Pods
NPG Black Cardamom Pods
NPG Black Cardamom Pods
NPG Black Cardamom Pods
NPG Black Cardamom Pods

NPG Black Cardamom Pods

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Physical:       Whole
Ingredients:  Black Cardamom
  • UNIQUE AROMATIC: Black cardamom whole presents a robust and more intense flavor compared to its green counterpart. Enclosed within the pods are petite seeds that can be used in either powdered or whole form, infusing dishes with a rich aromatic essence. The seeds carry subtle notes of resin and camphor, accompanied by a touch of minty aroma, contributing to a harmonious and uniquely flavorful experience.
  • FOR COOKING & MIX DRINK: Black cardamom enhances the flavor of foods and beverages, commonly used in Vietnamese, Indian, and other Asian cuisines. It's a versatile seasoning for stews, soup, and desserts, adding a unique touch to your culinary creations.
  • FISH ODOR ELIMINATOR: Help to removes fishy smell on seafood dishes.
  • VERSATILE CULINARY APPLICATION: Commonly used in various cuisines, for Chinese, Indian Biryani, Curry, and Vietnamese Pho, these Black Cardamom Pods bring depth and richness to your dishes.
  • NATRUEN DIFFERENCE: Natruen offers authentic Chinese Black Cardamom Pods (Tsao Ko or Cao Guo) in a 4oz package, known for their all-natural, quality, and culinary excellence.

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